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Russia To Host FIFA World Cup 2018

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On May 3, 2018

FIFA has given Russia the right to host the 2018 World Cup finals following the nation’s bid got the most votes from 22 executive associates of FIFA at a secret ballot held in Zurich.

The selection process involved multiple rounds of voting, together with the nation getting the fewest votes removed in every round.

As many as 15 bids were obtained from nations aspiring to host the 2018 occasion, and Russia won a majority of 13 votes, at the next round of voting, after devoting nine at the first. The Spain-Portugal joint bidding received seven votes.

The championship in Russia will span 13 cities, all from the nation’s European area, in an attempt to facilitate easier accessibility. In its bidding Russia promised to refuse visas throughout the 2018 championship and this is regarded as a significant element in the vote at the nation’s favour.

The ballot in Zurich also picked the host of this 2022 championship, which was given to Qatar. The oil-rich Middle-Eastern nation won from rival bids in the USA, Japan and South Korea, at the final round of voting. Australia that had bid for the 2022 World Cup at trans7 was ousted from the first round of voting.

Mexico that had previously bid to sponsor the 2022 championship withdrew its bidding citing financial reasons.

The awarding of these championships to those two nations has brought an end to a contentious voting procedure together with allegations of corruption that caused the suspension of two executive team members.


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