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img -A10 Fusion chip embedded in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is promised the latest performance is faster than previous generations. But how big is the increase?

A benchmark Geekbench reported by MacRumors mentions that the new iPhone duo scored 3,450 points of CPU for single core test and 5,630 points for multi-core test.

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The figure, as summarized by KompasTekno, Friday (16/09/2016) higher than the MacBook Air thin laptop scores are also made by Apple.

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The early 2017 Intel MacBook Air models powered by Intel Core i7 processors, for example, recorded a multi-core 5,650-point score and a 2.989-point single core score, resembling even lower than the iPhone 7 duo whose benchmark records matched the early model MacBook Pro 2013 with a Core i5 processor.

Geekbench is a cross-platform benchmark software that focuses solely on testing processor and memory performance. Therefore, the score of a device can be directly compared to other devices although different types.

Of course, even if its performance is higher, the iPhone 7 can not necessarily replace the function of the laptop because the platform it uses (iOS) is different than the MacBook (Mac OS). Performance is not the only factor that determines the usefulness of a device.

However, the benchmark results above can at least provide an overview of Apple’s mobile chip technology development architecture based on ARM architecture, compared to its line of laptop made using Intel chips.

A10 Fusion itself is a quad-core chip with two high-speed cores and two power-saving cores that work interchangeably, depending on the size of the mobile processing load. CPU chip performance is claimed 40 percent higher than its predecessor A9 chips.


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