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Lexus 300 H Car, Luxury Sedan Toyota American European Style


The lexus car is a sedan that is designed with a large body. The lexus manufacturer is a toyota manufacturer that is well known for its excellent car quality. So special lexus, many think this car is a car issued by the American manufacturer or europe because of its car specifications are almost similar to the product of four-wheeled vehicles made in the west. No wonder, if the Japanese-made cars are also selling well in America and Europe because the car does not look like a car made in toyota. For those of you who claim to be lexus lovers, this time Toyota is presenting the latest lexus car with the type 300 H. If you are curious, consider the information about the latest lexus products toyota lexus 300 2017

This latest lexus car is possible if you look in terms of design, almost the same as the previous lexus. However, what makes it special compared to other products? Namely electric motor technology is added to the car. With the technology of course the car will produce faster speed than other cars. More importantly, the additional electric motor makes lexus 300 H more fuel efficient and certainly more friendly to the environment.

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Not complete, if you want to buy a car but you do not know the engine is pinned on the car. This lexus car uses a machine that has 4 cylinders and each cylinder with a capacity of 2.5 liters. Of course, with these machines, the performance of the machine is fairly reliable. When the electric motor is not used, the engine can produce 205 hp power at 5700 rpm. For torque, only 215 Nm at 4500 rpm.

In addition, the latest lexus car is also designed luxury, both interior and exterior. However, the luxury of the car is not too flashy so the car still looks elegant while driving on the streets. For the interior, the car is given a moonroof with good quality, so comfort you must get. For the exterior, the car presents the latest grille and headlight and that’s the car’s exterior that sets it apart from the previous lexus. If you want to make it the dream car, the latest lexus 300 H car price is about  $60k.

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