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Consumer spending has increased steadily in Indonesia, thanks to increasing incomes that have strengthened economic activity. The growth in consumer spending is faster than income, mainly because of the increase in consumer confidence due to the country’s beautiful economic prospects and a low unemployment rate, which reinforces their confidence Their future income.

Nearly two-thirds of the country’s population live in rural areas, accounting for about 58 per cent of the country’s total consumption expenditure. Thus, urban dwellers account for one third of the population, but 42% of the country’s consumer spending.

Known brands are not only pleasing to consumers because of their design or functionality, but also because they are sold as an international standard. White-collar and young professionals with high wages often look for branded products and are accustomed to comparing local and imported products.
Spending on rent, food and transportation accounts for about 60% of consumer spending. Consumers are therefore cautious when it comes to buying other goods and tend to look for cheap and reasonable quality products, in order to be able to offer themselves fashionable products elsewhere.

The consumer’s profile and purchasing power

Indonesia is one of the most dynamic emerging economies in Southeast Asia. It has a young and large population. The under-30s represent 46% of the population, but the fastest growing tranche is that of the somethings, it has earned 7 million people in the last 7 years (160% growth).

New generations are increasingly shopping in convenience stores and are more likely to shop online, especially for clothes and appliances. Online commerce is still in its infancy, with giants like Amazon not yet present on the market, unlike very sophisticated and practical sites like Lazada and Tiki.

The changes that Indonesia has experienced over the last 10 years have led to a rapid change in marketing for consumers.

The Indonesians are now more confident in their future incomes, building on the country’s economic development, which is pushing household incomes and spending. As a result, Indonesians are more likely to buy fashionable goods and quality products to raise their standard of living, although most of the time their income level is not comparable to those in Western countries. Foreign brands and suppliers are distributing more and more products of average price or with a good value for money, to satisfy this new demand.

Jakarta sees shopping malls and supermarkets multiplying, although Indonesians still prefer traditional businesses such as traditional pasar or small family businesses called “Warung“. These types of trade offer a highly personal consumption experience that allows residents of the surrounding area to create links with the managers of these stores.

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At Life Home Designs, we live and inhale home plan and inside embellishing. So to ring in the New Year, we’ve assembled some of our exceptionally most loved home enriching and inside outline web journals. From experienced inside plan firms to outline addicts producing their way in the blogging scene, we’ve chosen the cream of the harvest for your satisfaction.

Top Home Decorating and Interior Design Blogs


On’s site and application, you can peruse a huge number of inside plan photographs of each conceivable style. Narrows Area fellow benefactors Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen thought of the thought because of their own rebuilding endeavors, and the site has since developed to a large number of interesting clients every month.

3 Rings-Designer Pages is a system for modelers and architects to discover, oversee, and share items and offers a remarkable other option to the way the business works together. The 3rings blog offers article including completions, decorations, and gear for business outline and development ordered by contract, green, kitchen and shower.


A pioneer of the plan blog development, author Holly Becker started the Decor8 blog (pronounced decorate) when she was still in configuration school in Boston. After 10 years the site has a full staff and highlights the finest and most unique enriching pieces, frequently from Holly’s movements around the globe.

Better Living Through Design

The BLTD group looks through the web every week to present to you the most trendy, practical, and engaging plan components out there. It resembles having your own unfathomably educated and snazzy individual customer. From home furniture to devices, every one of their posts has a connection back to the retailer so you can look at the item for yourself.


This site established by a gathering of companions who share remarkable sensibilities and an enthusiasm for inside outline components. They adore thrift and top of the line alike, and regard each new buy as a similarly vital choice. Following quite a while of instructing each other through many rebuilds, they chose to make an online gathering to share their finds and aptitude.

Embellishing Diva

Originator Carmen Natschke, the Decorating Diva herself, trusts that the imaginative demonstration of beautifying is altogether impacted by individual encounters and inspriations. On the pages of her blog, she shares motivating photos of brightening thoughts, wonderful engineering, workmanship, outline, design, magnificence, extravagance and travel.


Dornob is an intelligent plan file that highlights a wide assortment of navigational choices for looking engineering, inside, and furniture outlines. They have practical experience in exceptional and non-conventional plans, from over-the-top extravagance to front line outline development. You can peruse through their primary classifications and subcategories to locate your most loved styles.

Condo Therapy

A standout amongst the most surely understood plan writes out there, Apartment Therapy’s central goal is to enable individuals to make their homes excellent, sorted out and solid. They trust that a quiet, sound, and lovely home is foundational for progress and joy, and that it doesn’t need to cost a great deal of cash, yet rather anybody can utilize their own particular imagination, development, and individual style to make each home their own.

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