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Fundamentals Of Effective Flea Protection


Fleas are disgusting creatures.  But, they are common.  If you have a pe, you encounter fleas firsthand.  During the summertime when the weather is warm, fleas can become unbearable.  If you do not take measures to stop their spread, your pet can result in an infestation in your home.  There are simple steps you can take to make sure that your loved ones you and your pet are protected from a veritable flea onslaught.


The Life Of A Flea

Flea protection starts with researching a flea’s life cycle.  A flea will pounce upon your cat or dog outside.  If your pet comes back into your home, it carries the flea.  While the flea hangs onto your pet, it feeds.  It lays eggs.  Often, hundreds of eggs.  These eggs fall out of your dog or cat on the floor of your home.  After a couple of days, the eggs hatch, producing creatures.

Larvae begin feeding on the droppings of fleas in your home.  It requires a week to develop.  It encases itself when it does.  A flea emerges and starts to search for blood.  Fleas can live for 18 months and 4 months.

Action Steps For Flea Protection

How can you control them?  Understanding a flea is born and develops sheds light on safeguarding your household.  If you become aware of fleas in your home, you want to vacuum the floors.  Doing this lifts your pet’s hair in the ground in addition to flea eggs as well as the cocoons (where adult fleas will gradually emerge).  Bear in mind that the eggs will maintain the vacuum bag.  You will need to discard it.  Use an insecticide on a cat or your dog.  Discard your pet’s bedding, if you are doing this after an infestation has happened.

Living Flea-Free

Fleas are a simple fact of life.  However, infestations can be controlled.  People don’t take the actions that are necessary to prevent them.  Worse, they do clean their homes.  Eggs are embedded in the carpeting and their pet’s bedding.  Flea protection requires that you clean.  In doing this, you’ll do your pet a favor and you.

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