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Hsinchu Travel Guide


Hsinchu Facts

Hsinchu County is possessed by a mind larger part of the Hakka individuals, whose novel

culture and traditions will awe you a considerable measure. As of late, the Hsinchu City

in that locale has bit by bit formed into the “Silicon Valley of Taiwan” for its propelled


​ Location: in the northwest of Taiwan Island

Territory: 40 square miles (104 square kilometers)

Best time to visit: The best time to come there is pre-winter, while you are prescribed to

abstain from going by in winter, when it is blustery. In addition, from the late April to

the mid-May, you can go to Caihe Mountain or Jiuxiong Lake to see tung blooms.


Attractions – Things to Do

Normal Scenic Spots​

​ Dabajian Mountain: It resembles a topsy turvy barrel, so individuals likewise call it

“Container Mountain”. The precipices are steep with no plants. Stepping stools and ropes

on them can enable you to climb. Amid the climbing, you can see local cypress woodlands

and numerous sorts of creatures. The Atayal and Saisiyat individuals trust that Dabajian

Mountain is their precursors’ origin, so they see it as a consecrated mountain.


Ta-pu Reservoir: It is situated at Ta-pu Township of Hsinchu County. Thick trees and

mountains are considered the lake, shaping a delightful scene. A few drawbridges are

hanged over the lake, among which Ximaopu Bridge is more renowned. A Buddha statue is

likewise worth going by. There are streets encompassing the lake for you to be nearer to

the lakeside view.


Naoliao Fishing Port: It used to be the dispersing focal point of angling water crafts.

Presently it turns into a heaven for angling darlings, and great place to eat fish and

also fly a kite. There is a long embankment with “a submerged world” painted on it. It is

likewise the point of interest of the port.


Social Attractions​

Leofoo Village Theme Park: It has four topic towns including Arabia Palace, Great American

West, South Pacific, and Animal Kingdom. The enchantment wellspring appear at night is the

most famous execution there. In summer and occasions, you can likewise watch the

firecracker appear.


Neiwan Town: The Guangji Temple, the Neiwan Station, and the performance center are all in

retro style. The engineering style of the structures in Neiwan Station is as yet the same

as that from the 1950s to the 1960s. The majority of the inhabitants in the town are

Hakka, so heaps of Hakka sustenances are sold including wild ginger bloom rice dumplings,

jade vegetable buns, Lei Tea, Lei Tea sorbets, and mochi. The town is celebrated for its

drawbridges. At the stream bank under the extension, you can get shrimps and crabs.


Peipu Town: Surrounded by mountains and fields, Peipu Town is a Hakka town in Hsinchu. Red

block houses that are so near each other lie on the two sides of the tight streets. The

paths wander aimlessly, which resemble a labyrinth. Citian Palace and Chin Kuang Fu House

in the town are both memorable destinations.


Hukou Old Street: It is a very much preserved old road where red block houses lie on the

two sides. They are in flawless ornate style with dazzling divider beautifications and

curve halls.


Smangus Tribe: It is an Atayal clan at Jianshih Township. The puzzling tree bunches were

found in 1991, in this manner the tourism started to create. You can not just experience

the customary existence of the Atayal yet additionally eat their ranch items like nectar



Fangliao Yimin Temple: It is the hereditary sanctuary of all the Yimin sanctuaries in

Taiwan. It was first worked in 1788 and recreated in 1899. The statues of Yimin God, Yan

Emperor, and Kwan-yin are in Baozhong Pavilion. The sanctuary is the religious focus of

the Hakka. The exercises are held each year amid Yimin Festival.


City God Temple: It was first worked in 1748. The city god here is better than any others

in Taiwan, so an expansive number of individuals come to love each year. What’s more, the

snacks around the sanctuary likewise draw in numerous visitors, for example, meatballs,

fricasseed rice noodles, squid stocks, squid noodles, Kangyuan soups, and mushroom wonton



Different Attractions in Hsinchu: Glass Museum, Former Residence of Chang Hsueh-liang,

National Tsinghua University, Green World, Green Grass Lake, Siangshan Wetland, Eighteen



The most effective method to Get to Hsinchu

Via prepare: You can take the prepare from numerous urban areas of Taiwan to Hsinchu, for

example, Taipei and Taichung. The customary prepare from Taipei costs TWD 137-177 with the

term of 70 minutes, while the rapid prepare takes 30 minutes with the ticket cost of TWD

280 for a non-held seat and TWD 290 for a standard seat. If you have problem to find ticket promo go to here. You can look at this site.


In Hsinchu, you can take the Neiwan Branch Rail Line to Neiwan. The prepare begins from

Hsinchu and touches base at Neiwan by method for 11 stations, for example, Hsinchuang and

Jhudong. By purchasing a restricted ticket that costs TWD 82, you can get on or off at the

stations boundlessly on that very day.


By long-remove transport: The urban areas in the west of Taiwan all have traveler

transport transports to Hsinchu. The transport from Taipei Bus Station takes around 1.5

hours. To movement around the picturesque spots, traveler transport transports, city

transports, and transport transports are accessible.

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