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Bali Jimbaran Seafood: A Must-Have for Any Bali Food Tour


Bali Jimbaran Seafood has been well known by tourists for years. It is a must to visit Jimbaran and taste the delicious fresh seafood menus in this area. If you have a plan to do a Bali food tour, make sure you put Jimbaran on your list. Do you know? Jimbaran is a prominent fishing town in Bali. The development in tourism sector has been growing since years ago in Jimbaran. If you see Jimbaran now, you’ll see a unique blend of luxury beach resorts with genuinely modest local community. With Bali Jimbaran Seafood, you’ll experience the deliciousness of Jimbaran’s delicacies in an ultimate restful sensation.

Jimbaran beaches like Muaya Beach is calmer and quieter during the day, if compared to beaches in Kuta or Seminyak. It makes the beach a great place to chill with family as children can play and run around more freely. But, as the night starts to fall, the beach becomes more and more crowded. Well, it is indeed highly recommended for you (and your group) to arrive at the beach just right before sunset. By doing so, you’ll be able to catch the magical and romantic view of the sun sinking down the sea.

What do you look for when you do a Bali food tour? Yes, of course it’s the traditional local food, drink, and snack of Bali. But, don’t forget the fact that Bali is a paradise with bunches of beautiful beaches to visit. You’ll see why visiting Jimbaran Bay to have a Bali Jimbaran Seafood dinner is a must. There, tables and chairs are set on the sand, facing the rather calm sea. While waiting your order to be served, you can have an enjoyable quality time with your loved one. Feel the cool and fresh ocean breeze while absorbing the stunning view of the golden sand beach. And don’t forget the soothing sound of the waves! When the night finally comes, and your seafood is served before you, it’s time to enjoy a delightful fancy dinner. Outdoor; under the bright moonlight!

What you’ll get

In Bali Jimbaran Seafood, you will most likely need to choose between two options. They are seafood set or lobster set. Both sets include fish, squid satay, shrimp, scallop, rice, swamp cabbage, and four different kinds of sambal. What makes them different from one another is the existence of 250 to 400 grams lobsters. Yum! Having lobster for your beachfront dinner will surely make your experience fuller and more memorable.

As mentioned earlier above, Bali is famous for its tropical beaches. So, Bali food tour won’t be perfect without tasting seafood prepared in Balinese style. In Jimbaran, you will have the chance to taste grilled fish. You may think you can get grilled fish everywhere. So, what’s the difference? In Jimbaran, you can have a Balinese style grilled fish accompanied with the signature Balinese sambal matah.

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