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Exploring the Amazing Nature of Bako National Park Malaysia


Bako National Park Malaysia is the oldest national park in Sarawak. It is located only 37 kilometers to the northeast of Kuching, jutting into the South China Sea, but you can feel like being far away from the world. The national park has incredible amounts of biodiversity, including pitcher plants, orchids, bearded pigs and probosci’s monkeys. For those who love exploring the nature with amazing creatures, then Bako National Park will become the best place to see endemics.

The Beautiful Nature to Enjoy

The peninsula of Bako National Park gets the 27 square kilometers of coastline. It provides quiet beaches and bays, tangled mangroves and combined with the forests and cliffs. Getting into the national park and you will see the unique ecosystems such as the mixed dipterocarp or lowland rainforest, heath forest or kerangas, waterfalls and streams. The trekking trails cross the central sandstone highland and link to some of the beaches. From Kuching, you can plan a day trip easily, but the wildlife will be more enjoyable and fully explore if you stay one or two nights in the Bako National Park Malaysia.

How to Get into Bako National Park

From Kuching, you can take a bus to Bako Market destination in about 45-60 minutes of the ride. The bus is available every hour from7 am to 6 pm; to and from Bako that costs RM 3.50. Besides, you also can choose to take a minivan that is also always available at the bus location. Otherwise, you also can choose to take the hotel or tour operator shuttle buses.

When you have arrived at Bako Market, purchase the boat ticket and entrance ticketing front of the visitor center or jetty. The boat ride will be about 20 minutes and you will see the wonderful scenery as long as the journey. Don’t forget to make a pickup agreement to the boatman if you want to have a day trip only to Bako National Park. The last boat will pick the passengers up at 3 pm near the Park HQ.

If Bako National Park Malaysia is an interesting place for you to visit, you certainly should firstly go to Kuching, and then continue the trip to the national park. Prepare your trip well and starts at Kuching. Now many sites give the best recommendation about tourist destination. Happy traveling




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